We’ve got an awesome points + rewards plans for all of our loyal customers! For every dollar you spend, you will receive 1 point. 100 points is equivalent to $3.00CAD which can be used towards your future purchase(s).

There are a few ways to earn extra points:

1. Write a product review on our website for 50 points

2. Create an account for 100 points

3. Write a review about us on our website or any other platform (reddit, canadianmom.info, etc.) to
receive 100 points

4. Share us on any social media platform for 100 points

5. Refer a friend for 100 points

When complete, forward us a screen shot of your review to info@sevenpointscanada.com and we will add your points manually to your account. Please contact us if you have made a review and haven’t seen your points updated in your account.